Ontario Mosaic Artists'
Upcoming Exhibition

November 13 - December 1, 2024
Leslie Grove Gallery
1158 Queen St. East, Toronto


Ontario Mosaic Artists proudly introduces the theme of Reflections for its 2024 fine art exhibition. This exhibition will invite viewers to contemplate the multifaceted beauty of life through the intricate artistry of mosaics. 
In Reflections, the interplay of light, lustre, colour, and emotion will be explored. Each piece mirrors the artist’s unique perspective, capturing moments of introspection, connection, and transformation. OMA invites you to immerse yourself in the kaleidoscipe of human experience, where individual pieces of glass and stone unite to reflect the beauty and complexity of our shared existences. 
Ontario Mosaic Artists gratefully acknowledges the generous support
of our 2024 Exhibition Sponsors.

Di Mosaico

Bishop Water Technologies

Wit'sEnd Mosaic

Wedi Canada

Artsy Crafts