Re-inventing the Ancient Mosaic Flow in a Contemporary Style

Leslie Grove Gallery, Toronto
August 25 - September 21, 2021

Mosaic is an ancient art form using small pieces (tesserae) of stone, glass, and ceramic set into concrete to create a unified picture. As far back as the Classical Roman and Byzantine eras, people decorated buildings with mosaics depicting geometric, natural, and mythological subjects.
The Latin term “Andamento”, the theme of the exhibition, refers to the visual flow created by the tesserae as they are placed, piece by piece, in the design.
Contemporary artists use a freer placement of tesserae to depict their message in a more abstract way. We see anything as possible materials to use in our work, from rusty metal, to driftwood, to fiberglass. Today’s artists explore light, texture, and 3-D forms to appeal to our sense of touch as well as sight.

 Visit the Andamento Gallery page to see the artwork included in the exhibition and/or to contact the participating artists.

Pippa Beck, Ottawa;
Angèle Blasutti, Toronto;
Kathryn Spooner Bossy, Haley Station; 
Patrizia Brasch, Toronto; 
Judy Breau, Toronto;
Roberto Centazzo, Toronto;
Thomas Faires, Toronto;
Jenny May Gifford, London;
Jean Loney, Fergus;
Elena Martoglio, Oakville;
Valerie McGarry, Whitby;
Mehtap Mertdogan, Toronto;
Heather J. Smith, Cornwall;
Amanda Stapells, Tiny;
Cathy Taylor, Minden;
Heather Vollans, Brantford;
Karen Ylitalo, Sudbury
 Ontario Mosaic Artists gratefully acknowledges 
the generous support of our 2021 Exhibition Sponsors.