Important Packaging Requirements

You are responsible for shipping or delivering your artwork to one of the two designated locations provided below.      
Please email Angèle or Elena to make your arrangements. 
In the East-end of Toronto 
Angèle Blasutti
79 Pickering St.
Toronto, ON M4E 3J5
In the West-end of Toronto (Oakville)
Elena Martoglio
36 Washington Ave., 
Oakville, ON 



It is critical to properly pack your artwork whether you are shipping or dropping it off, as it may be sold and therefore needs to be shipped directly to the buyer from  the gallery.  
Please label all of your packaging materials with your initials since they will be re-used to ship or return your artwork. 
OMA will not be responsible for any damage incurred during transit and/or shipping. 
A PrePaid Return Shipping Label & Voucher must accompany your artwork or be emailed to Angèle or Elena if your artwork needs to be shipped back to you. 
OMA will be looking after returning the artwork to you in your original packaging using the prepaid shipping label. 
Since Canada Post does not offer this service, we suggest using a courier service. 
An OMA Artwork Identification Label must be filled out and attached to the back of each piece, including your mini mosaics.
See the template provided as part of the Artists’ Information package.
Your Business Cards (optional) can be packed with your artwork. 
All business cards will be displayed in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition.