Leslie Grove Gallery Hanging Requirements

The Leslie Grove Gallery uses a rail-track hanging system which consists of wires suspended from tracks near the ceiling. Adjustable hooks attached to the wires are used to fasten the artwork. 
Each wire can hold approximately 12 lbs / 5.44 kg. 
To accommodate this system, the gallery mandates using 2 D-rings on the back of the artwork to ensure the hanging hooks are secure. D-rings, as shown on the right, come in two different sizes and can be purchased from a picture hanger, art supply stores, hardware stores, or Amazon.
Please note that if you do not use D-rings, and there is no other way to display your art, it may not be possible to include your work in the exhibition. Or, if it is possible and will not damage the artwork, the hanging committee may have to attach D-rings for you (but we would prefer not to have to do that).
You will also need to attach a wire between the two D-rings so that your art is ready for hanging when the exhibit is installed or shipped to the buyer.

How to Install D-Rings

1. Use two D-rings and hanging wire that are sturdy and strong enough to hold the weight of the mosaic. 
2. Install the D-ring so that the top of it is 1 1/2″ (3.8 cm) down from the top of the mosaic. This will hide the gallery’s 1″ (2.5 cm) hook and decrease the degree to which your mosaic tilts forward from the wall. 
3. Install the D-rings facing the peak of the “D” upwards.
4. Remember if you are using Wedi or Kerdi board, you would install the hardware before starting your mosaic. 

Smaller D-Ring

Larger D-Ring