2022 Exhibition – Artist Checklist

April 29th  
Sign and email OMA Waiver
Sign and email OMA Contract
Pay Exhibition Fee on PayPal
Send Social Media info: 1 Headshot, 1 Artwork Photo (not in show), Artist Introduction
Send Preliminary List of Artwork
Confirm participation in OMA Collaborative Mosaic
August 15th              
Deliver Collaborative Mosaic section to Angele (if participating)
September 5th             
Send Final List of Artwork
Send Final Artwork Photos
Send Artist Statement
Send Artist Bio
Sign and return Artists’ Network Waiver
Week of September 12th 
Start marketing the show on your Social Media, Email list, etc.
Arrange for Drop-off or Shipment of Artwork
RSVP to Artist Meet & Greet and/or Gallery Reception
September 28th – October 1st         
Drop-off or deliver artwork
October 6th                  
Artist Meet and Greet 3-5 pm
Opening Reception at LGG Gallery 7-9 pm
October 27th                
Arrange with OMA for pick up of artwork at gallery, drop off location, or shipping
October 30th                
Pick up artwork at Gallery 5-7 pm